How to find good suppliers in China


11月 19, 2021

How to Find Good Suppliers in China?

We know that it is complicated to negotiate with suppliers in China: either my minimum bid is too low or the prices are too high.  Sometimes new amazon vendors claim they sell well, so they issue new orders from the same vendor, but they find that the quality between pre-orders is lousy, which somehow leads to negative advertising critics. So how to find good suppliers in China?

In order for your company not to receive negative feedback, you have to take certain steps before you find the supplier.  First, they analyze their business model.  Name the quantity they need for their first order and evaluate each market niche.  In the long run, choosing a suitable supplier will help your company.

1. The Canton Fair

Canton fair

China’s largest import/export convention is held twice a year and covers virtually every industry that makes physical products. It is so huge that it runs in three phases:

Phase 1: Electronics, machinery, building materials, and chemical products

Phase 2: Consumer goods, home decor, and gifts

Phase 3: Textiles, recreational products, office supplies, shoes, medical devices, and health products

You can attend for free but once you’re in, be prepared for what’s in store. Here’s a teaser:

– The sales representatives can speak basic business English. Some are hired for the fair and may not work for the company. You’ll learn about MOQs and some product details only.

– You can hire an interpreter at the fair at 400-500 RMB or $60-$75 per day. Service charges are higher for minority languages.

– Suppliers bring samples so you can see and touch the product to get an idea of quality.

– Low prices and not-so-great quality go hand in hand. Unless you’re willing to pay more than the advertised price, you won’t see the quality you want.

– After you speak to suppliers, they will ask for your business card to follow up with you after the fair. Some Amazon sellers are hesitant to give their business cards to every vendor they meet out of a fear of their details being sold to other vendors. For etiquette’s sake, they may pass out fake cards to give to everyone except the suppliers they’re interested in.

The Canton Fair is HUGE. Find the list of exhibitors and their booth location on the trade show’s website in advance to save time and energy. The same suppliers participate each year, so novelty is missing. Don’t expect to see innovation either – the companies with a newer design or function may show prototypes and only be looking for distributors rather than OEM or private label manufacturing.

2. Yiwu Market

Yiwu Market

Yiwu has the world’s largest wholesale market, with over 70,000 kinds of different items.

Yiwu wholesale market has five main districts, each with 3-4 floors. All areas are connected and the layout of all stores is fairly standard. For example, if you want to buy toys, all the toy suppliers are grouped together in one space.

It is easy for you to compare the price and quality of products from multiple suppliers. Here, prices can go as low as you want but the quality will go up or down accordingly. If your target market is highly segmented and you’re selling on multiple channels or distributing to other sellers, Yiwu Market can be an option.

Some sellers use YiWu as a complementary supplier for their existing suppliers when their stores are empty and need filler products.YiWu wholesalers work with factories in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. An advantage is that you can buy products off-the-shelf on the spot or have them shipped to your location in bulk.

How to deal with Yiwu Market Suppliers?

      a.Have a target: There are 5 districts which 4/5 floors in which, so you should have your target before you go there. Find your target suppliers before on YIWUGO.COM, so you won’t miss anything when you enter the huge market.

      b.Make notes: After you go through the booths of the suppliers, write down the details of the shop and note the district then take a picture with the photo of the booths so you can find them when you intend to come back.

      c.Visit a factory: Try to make sure it’s a factory and not a trading company using you as a middleman. If he agrees, since you are in China, leave more time to visit the factory by yourself, which will save you a lot of trouble later.

3. Alibaba


Alibaba is the world’s biggest supplier directory. It’s largely set up as a B2B service. Whatever your niche or product is, you can almost guarantee you will find a manufacturer here. especially after COVID-19, many buyers source online like on Alibaba.

How do research Alibaba suppliers correctly?

a.Manufacturers: A manufacturer means it is a factory on Alibaba, not a trading company. Most of Alibaba’s suppliers are manufacturers.

The manufacturer is the direct creator of a product and can ensure very low prices.  However, the minimum order quantity (the minimum quantity for purchase) is often very high.

As a rule, manufacturers sell their products directly to suppliers, for example to wholesalers, bulk producers, and processors (since they can afford to purchase them in large quantities).

Therefore, most retailers perceive manufacturers as less tangible (when sourcing products).  It should also be mentioned that some smaller manufacturers will work directly with retailers. You can ask yes.

b.Trading company: When you buy a product from a trading company, you don’t need to buy it in large quantities.

The trading company can provide you with many products, which means you can buy all the products one-stop at the company.

In other words, the more you buy, the better the price!

c.Dropshipping: Using dropship resources means no bulk purchases.  Instead, you buy one product at a time.

When you compare it to a wholesale supplier (the product is pre-purchased), the dropshipping model means that you don’t pay for the product until it’s sold.  The disadvantage of dropshipping is the price.  Because you don’t buy in batches, you can’t get the best price. With a wholesale provider, you can do this.

There are a few other drawbacks, such as the inability to label yourself and the possible long delivery times.  But that’s a question no matter which provider you’re using.  As Alibaba’s suppliers are all in Asia, there will be a long transport time, even for bulk purchases.

But it also means that there is no stock, no shipping or packaging, and in some cases no need for customer service.

The RTS model in Alibaba is especially for drop shippers.


A B2B portal founded in 1998 is centered around finding quality products made in China.

It is a platform where you can find suppliers, factories, manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters. It’s definitely worth checking out! It’s dedicated to serving the global trade field while providing high-quality Chinese products and supplier information for global buyers. Nowadays, is known as a world-leading B2B portal, especially in the industry of Mechanical and hardware.


Overall, finding a supplier in China requires plenty of research. The benefits of using Chinese suppliers remain fruitful and the available options are vast. If you don’t know how to find Chinese suppliers, you can directly contact us at HAC, our contact information is



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How to find good suppliers in China

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