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Brand Story

Today Habiglad stays projected into the future of innovation,ready to transform even the most futuristic idea into a tangible, contemporary product of strictly certified quality, leveraging the best of manufacturing and trading resources, without compromise. Just like the happiness we deliver everyday across the globe, to everyone ready to be part of our story, willing to enjoy an unprecedented, fully satisfying lifestyle, embracing with us The Habit of Happiness.
Yongkang HAC hardware manufacture co ltd is an industrial and trade enterprise integrating production and manufacturing, independent brand and international trade. The company has its own brands of Habiglad, hacfit and hacso, and mainly deals in fitness equipment and cups, two kinds of medium and high grade metal products, including more than 60 products such as fat slinger, treadmill, foot therapy machine, supine board, insulation cup, beer cup, coffee cup, sports pot, etc.
Why us


Our developing R&D group, is in providing active and forward-looking support for our clients, leading to product development and innovation to better serve current markets.

10,000㎡ Plant Area

We have professional factories, As a one stop solution provider, our objective is to provide reliable service to you. We have proven time and time again to be a trusted trading partner and manufacturer.

Strong Design Ability

Our team has experience in all fields relating to product design and development. If you have any needs for your new product or wish to make further improvements, we are here to offer our support.
Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the fitness equipment industry, as consumers are increasingly interested in eco-friendly and socially responsible products. The industry has responded by incorporating sustainable materials into equipment designs and manufacturing processes, as well as developing new products and services that support sustainable lifestyles.
Research and Development

R & D

The fitness equipment industry is constantly evolving with advancements in technology and changing consumer preferences. Research and development play a crucial role in this industry, as companies strive to create innovative and effective equipment that meets the demands of consumers. This involves testing and refining existing equipment, as well as exploring new materials, designs, and technologies to create new products. Research and development also helps companies stay competitive by staying ahead of emerging trends in fitness and health. With a focus on improving performance, increasing safety, and enhancing user experience, the fitness equipment industry continues to invest heavily in research and development to ensure that their products meet the needs of consumers and provide a high level of quality and functionality.

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